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Outdoor Fun

At Afterburner Farm, we’re firm believers in the magic of “Work hard, play hard”.

When teaching web tech at banks and with the government, Judy often asks her students, “What do you like to do for fun?”. We understand the significance of stepping away from screens to recharge your energy and foster creativity. 

So, why did we choose our location? It’s a hub of outdoor exhilaration, right at our doorstep!

Craving a serene paddle boarding session or a leisurely lakeside hangout at Yough Lake? Absolutely, we’ve got you covered.

From gentle hiking trails to heart-pounding mountain biking paths – whether you’re a beginner or a daredevil like Adam, we have options for all.

Select your own adventure – embark on a solo expedition, join a spirited group, or rent gear from us.

Curious about camping? Consider us your friendly guides to local outdoor bliss!

Whether you’re camping nearby, with us, or exploring the surroundings, simply reach out.