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About Us

Welcome to Afterburner Farm, an inviting haven nestled in Confluence, Pennsylvania. Our story is one of transformation, driven by the desire to provide a space for growth and connection. Founded by Adam & Judy Lipinski, Afterburner Farm is more than just a venture – it’s a dynamic journey aimed at cultivating abundance through sustainable, organic practices and the power of shared knowledge.

In the realm of Human Design, Adam and Judy are 6/2 Manifesting Generators, and their life’s journey has been marked by exploration and gaining diverse experiences. From Adam’s articles and bike testing for Dirt Rag magazine to his culinary and mechanical skills, and from Judy’s global business expertise teaching software development to her studies in languages and wine, their paths have been rich and varied.

In April 2022, reflecting on the chapters of their lives, Adam and Judy realized their passion for hosting and creating educational, welcoming events. This led them to envision a space where people, including their young son, could connect, learn, and grow together. They yearned for a place in nature, with serene views and open fields – a space where they could share what they’ve learned and provide a platform for others to do the same.

By mid-May 2022, their vision became reality as they found a picturesque property in Confluence, PA, overlooking Youghiogheny Lake. With fields for planting and untouched forests, and a studio for sharing diverse knowledge, from permaculture and gardening to yoga, meditation, and even car mechanics.

At Afterburner Farm, every encounter is an opportunity for mutual growth. The farm is a place to exchange ideas and experiences, whether during farm tours, events, or excursions. Adam and Judy’s goal is to provide you with that boost needed for new adventures. The fields are indeed a canvas for organic growth, yielding a vibrant array of produce. Guided excursions and workshops provide firsthand insights into their journey while fostering learning and connection.

Rooted in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Afterburner Farm is more than a physical location – it’s a metaphor for the potential within each of us.

Join us in person, or during online events, as we nurture the land and each other, sowing the seeds of a brighter future through shared knowledge, growth, and community.