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Ripe and Ready

Nourishing Organic AF Produce

Experience the transformative power of Afterburner Farm as we bring you closer to a healthier, more vibrant life. Our organic harvests, the cornerstone of your well-being, promise to ignite your journey to optimal health. From our fields to your table, our produce embodies nature’s finest flavors, fueling your path with vitality.

At the heart of Afterburner Farm lies Adam and Judy’s unwavering conviction – the belief that growing your own food establishes an unparalleled connection to what truly nourishes your body. Amidst a pandemic and Judy’s battle with breast cancer, the resounding call to heal amidst nature’s embrace and cultivate their own sustenance became paramount.

Discoveries from apps like – a resource we highly recommend exploring – and the website,  caused us to face the startling reality: many processed foods we were eating contain ingredients that jeopardize our well-being.

When we acquired the farm, challenges awaited, including fields overrun by poison ivy. While conventional wisdom advised using glyphosate and a three-year waiting period before growing food, our commitment to providing healthy, organic options compelled us to find a better way.

Extensive research led us to a strategy involving tarping, lime application, manual removal, and even the infusion of Reiki for good measure. Yes, it requires more effort, but it underscores our unwavering dedication – we’re not just organic, we’re Organic AF!

Presently, our offerings include healthy and fun and funky produce such as trombone squash, lemon cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, black zebra tomatoes and our own cross-bred black zebra cherry tomatoes. We also have 100% organic catnip.