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Catnip Sample, $4

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Our catnip is 100% organic.  While a majority of cats REALLY enjoy catnip, not all do. Before you invest in more, try our sample pack.

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Catnip is an herb that has an animated effect on most cats. For cats that are sensitive to the plant, just a sniff will put them in a state of euphoria for around 10 minutes. Fresh or dried catnip can cause adult cats to behave like kittens — rolling on the floor and playing with toys. But only around two-thirds of kitties are affected by catnip.

How this started

  • This year we planted catnip next to our squash to keep bugs away
  • We have 3 cats. 
  • So we started processing the catnip and we gave them some
  • They liked it! Though in our research we found out some interesting things.

Did you know…?

  • Only ~60% of cats have a reaction to catnip
  • There are many varieties of catnip, cats can be partial to different types!

We are still exploring

  • We plan on growing more than 1 variety of catnip
  • We would love your feedback as we learn what type of catnips seem to be more effective for your cat.

Can you Help Us? 

  • Share Your Feedback: Try our catnip, and let us know how your cat responded. 
  • Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook and tag @AfterburnerFarm 
    • If you do we will send another sample pack to keep the experiment going!

Why Choose Our Catnip?

  • Chemical-Free Purrrrr-ity
  • Ethical Sourcing
  • Feline Fun at Its Best


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