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Eager to Engage with Us at Afterburner Farm?

Join us at our scenic farmstead and witness firsthand how passionate AF we are about organic growing and permaculture.

Connect and exchange energy to nourish your mind, body and soul. Your journey to going further, faster, and happier starts right here.

Eager to Engage with Us at Afterburner Farm?

Whether it’s to:

  • Schedule a farm visit
  • Assist you in exploring the area
  • Join us at a rejuvenating retreat
  • Attend or teach a workshop
  • Bike the GAP Trail or hike in Ohiopyle
  • Paddleboard or swim in the Yough Lake

Feel free to reach out.

Contact Details:

(412) 346-4818

289 Parnell Road, Confluence, PA 15424

Prior arrangements to visit the farm are necessary.

Please make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and have your regular medical check-ups.


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